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β€œRampant and unrelenting” - Kerrang!







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As heard on the Radio 1 Rock Show

β€œAre CREATURE the UK’s answer to Converge?” - Metal Hammerο»Ώ

β€œRampant and unrelenting.” - Kerrang!ο»Ώ

β€œFerocious, evoking the energy and chaos of Every Time I Die, Converge and Kvelertak.” - Revolver Magazine

"HEX is an intense eight minutes of raw, pure, unadulterated humanity and is simply glorious" - Already Heard

β€œA pummelling and highly effective mixture of grinding heavy metal and ugly hardcore is what the foul ensemble known as CREATURE is all about. HEX is the perfect soundtrack to an awful day.” 4/5 - RAMzine

β€œFor a fresh take on the rawness of heavy music, CREATURE are a band to look out for with their next two EPs set to be released before the end of 2020.” 8/10 - Noizze

β€œEach track is more savage than the last, brutal and intense from the off, pulling the listener in with each and every thrash of the guitars and visceral vocal delivery.” 9/10 - Rock β€˜N Load

β€œCREATURE literally blew me away by means of their dense and highly atmospheric brand of hardcore music. Overwhelmingly crushing and yet riddled with plenty of nuances and subtle details, this particular ensemble is something out of the ordinary and have a unique sound of their own.” - Eternal Terror


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