For fans of: Kvelertak, Every Time I Die, Converge.

Following the debut EP HEX earlier this year, that saw Metal Hammer, BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show and Kerrang! championing the band - Birmingham’s CREATURE are back.

HOUND (release: 18/10/19) is the second instalment from the trilogy of EPs released through Grey Ghost Records, recorded with revered UK producer Steve Sears (Gallows, Krokodil, Rolo Tomassi) and artwork by UK illustrator Luke Preece (Metallica, Ghost, Slipknot).

After the full-frontal unrelenting assault of HEX, HOUND sees post-hardcore dynamics added to CREATURE’s brutal arrangements - but still intrinsically human with no click tracks, guitar processing or inauthenticity.

HOUND will be spearheaded by single Cold Man’s World (release: 20/9/19), a roaring track that goes for the throat of modern day society, disgusted at the greed of those in power - openly prioritising personal gain over the lives of other beings and the future of our planet.

James Thompson, guitars and vocals, said:
"I've always been intrigued with the dark side of mankind, the moralities of people in power and how they seek to manipulate us to retain control. How does someone get to a point of such extreme dehumanisation that an entire population is seen as an obstacle to coerce rather than fellow beings? In the social media age, we are prime targets to be exploited and have seen how this has been applied by Cambridge Analytica recently. It has rightfully angered many of us.”

Next is Black Dog, a song very personal to James, featuring a monster opening riff and CREATURE’s only melodic vocals to date. James continued:

”Black Dog was written as an outlet during a particularly dark time in my life, when I was struggling to come to terms with my father's terminal illness before he passed away this year. It brought back lots of feelings from when I lost my brother earlier in life. Finding coping mechanisms wasn't easy for me, this track expresses the waves of desperation I felt at times. Everyone experiences grief and sadness at some point and we all deal with it differently. You can be fine and feel strong one day and then slip straight back into negativity the next.”

Lifeless then comes screaming out the traps - a thunderous thrash infused hardcore riot denouncing fake news and the distribution of misinformation. James added:

”I can't express how frustrated I get when people take information fed to us by the media at face value, when there is always an agenda at play. Something closer to the truth is available if you know how and where to look - so Lifeless is a vent at how we are manipulated on a daily basis. We're told who the villains are, what we should be investing our short time and energy into - just to line someone else’s pockets or fulfil their political ambitions. Life is precious, you must value the time you have here, don’t take it for granted.”

Closing the EP is Fool’s Curse, potentially CREATURE’s most ambitious work to date - with break neck tempo riffs, coupled with ear splitting vocals and rich dynamic contrasts. James said:

”Experiencing crippling self doubt may not be pleasurable, but most people have succumbed to it at some point in their life. Fool's Curse, is an awareness of the process that fuels these thought paths. "Right place, right time, wrong life" expresses my frustration that I may not have achieved all that I wanted to, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and useless. These reoccurring thought patterns are the "Fool's Curse", as they fail to serve a purpose - harming your productivity and positivity, slowing you down further and preventing yourself from achieving happiness.”

Following the release, CREATURE will be hitting the road on their debut UK tour, including an EP launch held in the band’s home city as the final stop. Catch the band at the following dates:

1 November - Glasgow, The 13th Note

2 November - Manchester, Satan's Hollow

3 November - London, Old Blue Last

6 November - Nottingham, The Chameleon

7 November - Bristol, The Gryphon

8 November - Cardiff, 10 Feet Tall

9 November - Birmingham, The Flapper (EP Launch)

Tom Bradshaw, drums, added:

“We couldn’t be more excited for our first UK tour in November. The live expression of our creative offering is always the most rewarding for us as a band - playing to likeminded people, meeting new bands and thriving off the buzz of tearing it up each night. CREATURE can’t wait to take these new songs on the road following the HOUND release.” 

This is heavy music. This is CREATURE.


As heard on the Radio 1 Rock Show

“Are CREATURE the UK’s answer to Converge?” - Metal Hammer

“Rampant and unrelenting.” - Kerrang!

“Ferocious, evoking the energy and chaos of Every Time I Die, Converge and Kvelertak.” - Revolver Magazine

"HEX is an intense eight minutes of raw, pure, unadulterated humanity and is simply glorious" - Already Heard

“A pummelling and highly effective mixture of grinding heavy metal and ugly hardcore is what the foul ensemble known as CREATURE is all about. HEX is the perfect soundtrack to an awful day.” 4/5 - RAMzine

“For a fresh take on the rawness of heavy music, CREATURE are a band to look out for with their next two EPs set to be released before the end of 2020.” 8/10 - Noizze

“Each track is more savage than the last, brutal and intense from the off, pulling the listener in with each and every thrash of the guitars and visceral vocal delivery.” 9/10 - Rock ‘N Load

“CREATURE literally blew me away by means of their dense and highly atmospheric brand of hardcore music. Overwhelmingly crushing and yet riddled with plenty of nuances and subtle details, this particular ensemble is something out of the ordinary and have a unique sound of their own.” - Eternal Terror

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